What Do Parents Do To Unwind Around The Home?


What do you do to unwind at home? Well once the kids are tucked up in bed and at last you can put your feet up? Some days I feel like we don’t actually sit down to unwind until at least 10:30pm somedays, once both kids are in bed and we have had dinner and I have cleared up, then it’s time for bed so I really don’t get any Me time!

Early evening we all sit down together and have dinner plus watch TV and chat about what to do on different days. Normally once a week we go to my parents to see them. I absolutely love it as they take over and I then get some time to myself. I also blog when I get time to unwind as well.

Rattan Direct have recently put together a survey orientating around what do parents do to unwind around the home.  It would be great if you could follow the link to the survey and then Rattan will share with all us their findings shortly.

The survey breaks down into 3 key areas:

1. What parents do to unwind around the home?
2. How are you going to celebrate Christmas this year? (Wow only 9 weeks to go!)
3. Has Brexit actually affected your spending habits around the home and garden?

So I will be as transparent as possible with you all and answer the questions here as well as on the survey.

So question number one I have already answered above.

Number two, We are celebrating Christmas round my parents house this year, a nice family get together! We always go round Scott’s parents on Boxing Day as it’s his mums birthday that too. We also go to visit Father Christmas each year to with the kids.

Number three, I don’t think Brexit has affected us at all, to be honest with you all. We still manage everything so I would say No!

Check out the survey and see your own Rattan’s results!

*** This is a Collaborative post***

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