My Dream Home!

We have been living in our housing association flat now for just over 3 years. When we first moved in to our flat after swapping with someone else, we thought it was more than big enough for four of us. I was wrong! You then add in 3 cats and fish and all of a sudden the room goes! It’s crazy how much stuff two kids can have. God knows what they are going to be like when they are both teenagers!

I always try to look for bigger houses for us all, but all out of our price range at the moment! I always dream maybe one day one of them houses would be ours!  I really should ban myself from looking it’s so disheartening but I keep looking for one anyway.

I’m not wanting a massive house or anything. Just enough room for us all, that’s all! I don’t mind cleaning it, as I love cleaning anyway!  I make sure our flat every day is nice and clean. I’m always dreaming of wanting a bigger house where everything I own can have their proper place . Not just shoved into a cupboard on top of something else we really don’t have space for.

When we do get to have our (Dream Home) we will definitely be using VELUX, they specialise in all different blinds, plus they offer Free Delivery on everything! Why don’t you go and check them out for yourself!


This is great if your kids are into Starwars, they offer a full range on their website!


I was thinking of getting something like this for both my kids room’s to keep the sun out! What do you think?

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