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Super hero? More like Super mom.

Giving birth is one of the most amazing things in the world. Unfortunately, to most of us – with pregnancy (and the period after), there come a series of issues that aren’t that easy to overcome. From hair that’s falling off intensely, sore nipples, lower-back pain, bladder control (that’s definitely never again under control) to post-baby depression, stretch marks, weight gain and overall self-image change, the whole thing can get pretty overwhelming.

From a fit and healthy woman who could easily wear her high school jeans without even sucking in, you turn to a slouch that can barely roll over to the other side in bed, let alone wear anything with a zipper on. With that, obviously, come a series of other, accompanying issues and, before you know it, you are stuck. Stuck with the weight gain. Stuck with the grandma hairdo. Stuck with an image of yourself that’s everything but encouraging.

Luckily, in time, some of the body issues go back to normal; yet, others – rarely or barely ever.


Being a super mom and everything (yes, you are one, too – we all are), there comes a time when you have to pull yourself together and beat life. And rarely anyone plays a role in that – in terms of motivation, that is – but yourself. It’s just something that happens. A sudden shift, a desire to improve. To me, it happened somewhere around my kids’ second birthday. I had already stopped breastfeeding, my twins were grown enough for me not to have to carry them around all the time, they were now open to spending time with someone other than me… and while I enjoyed every second of being with them, I felt it was time I gave myself another a chance to better…

My journey was all but easy, but it was exciting, challenging and – in the end – successful and gratifying:

I talked to my husband

Before I did anything, I talked to my husband; I explained I wasn’t feeling happy and that I needed to do something for myself. I made him realize I needed his help with it. The ball was in his court now, at least until I got back on my feet. He understood, told me he was proud of me for being such an amazing mom and so hands-on on everything, and he encouraged my decision. I was so grateful for my family at that point.


I went to the nutritionist

Since I’ve gained almost 50 pounds while pregnant, and I had no luck in getting rid of the extras no matter what I did, I consulted with my nutritionist on a diet plan that would help me go back to my old shape. He prescribed a regimen I cried about for ten days straight but once my body got used to it, I started losing weight quickly. It was wonderful! I lost 40 pounds in about five months but the sagging skin, scarring and the “weight leftovers” looked so unpleasant and made me feel insecure and uncomfortable. And while I was so proud of myself for sticking the regimen out, I knew this wasn’t the end.

I scheduled a surgeon-visit

Luckily, these days, with the help of experts you can fix anything – from a broken window to a broken soul. I was after fixing my body, and for that, I needed a plastic surgeon who knew what he was doing. Australia is one of the top countries for plastic surgery, so I guess I was lucky in that domain. A lot of my “mom friends” did a liposuction in Sydney, i.e. a mommy tummy tuck, and they were immensely happy with the results. I had a consultation; we ran a few tests and scheduled a surgery for a month later. Once everything was done I felt reborn!


I went pampering

Scheduling a hairdresser, beautician, joining the gym and going shopping were just some logical steps after my makeover. I felt alive again and I wanted it to show. I made a promise to myself that I’ll keep myself on point from that moment on and never let things get out of control again. After all – it was me who was (and is) in charge of my own life… and I owed it to myself, my husband and my kids to be the best possible version of myself.

Now, a year later – I am my old self, only a more powerful version. It’s beautiful.

***Guest Post from Zara Lewis***

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