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2016 Autumn Wish List!

2016 Autumn Wish List.


Autumn seems to have snuck up on many of us this year, maybe partly because the Summer never really got going properly so we weren’t ready for the change to come so soon. I know some people feel sad to say goodbye to the Summer months but for me, i’m actually really happy that Autumn isn’t far away. The other morning I woke up and really felt the cool-ness in the air, even though the sun was shining brightly, there was a definite crisp in the air. It made me think about changing up the wardrobe from Summer to Winter, planning for the colder months ahead. With that in mind, I began browsing the new Autumn collections and was pleasantly surprised at how much was going into my basket!
So, I thought I would share with you my Autumn wish list, I hope you enjoy!
Bath & Bodyworks
I don’t think you can honestly go through a Winter without having at least one  Bath & Bodyworks Candle burning somewhere in your house – and now they have launched their Autumn Candle collection, you’d be crazy not to want to have one of these in your house! Yes, annoying they don’t ship to very many places but there are ways around this, you just need to get creative! I can’t wait for our house to smell like Christmas every day!
The Discount Watch Store
Next on my list this Autumn has to be a Casio Watch from The Discount Watch Store. My current collection is quite large but I noticed they are all predominantly Summer watches, nothing really says Autumn to me so I thought it was about ‘time’ to change this. Although I do have tiny wrists, I just love the look of oversized watches on women, I think they are so perfect for the colder months when you tend to have more and thicker layers covering you to also go bigger with the accessories. Bigger watches, scarves, chunky boots…etc. My Autumn watch this year will be the: Men’s G-Shock Ana-Digi Watch. Yes, I guess this may look very chunky at first glance but imagine it with a super chunky scarf, a black leather jacket and some gorgeous ankle boots?
UGG Australia
UGG boots for me are a staple in my wardrobe, whether it’s Summer or Winter, I always have a pair on the go as they are soo bloomin’ comfortable to wear and the last so damn long! While flicking through their many, many styles, I came across these gorgeous Bonham UGG boots in dark brown. I don’t know what it is about dark brown ankle boots in the colder months but it’s always i seem to gravitate to. I’ve never really been a fan of black boots in any style though so maybe it’s just been a process of elimination over the years?! Just look how pretty they are. Perfect for the colder months but I bet they would look fab with a Summer outfit next year as well, perfect with a pair of skinny jeans!
Next on my list is something I have been dying to get for months now, ever since I first set eyes on in earlier in the year. I have put it off and put it off but now is the time. I feel now we are in September, anything goes when it comes to buying Autumn/Winter accessories, you gotta stock up! So, what is it i’m talking about…well, it’s the Teddy Bear Throw from Dunelm. Just £19.99 and worth every penny! It will get so much use this year and next year too and the best thing, apart from it being super thick, soft and fluffy is that it’s huge!! Come on cold evenings…I need you!
The White Company
You probably know The White Company as being a place to buy amazing candles that smell unreal, however, they also do fab clothing as well, perfect for the colder months to come. Whilst browsing their Women’s Jumper collection, I came across this gorgeous Boucle Jumper that I instantly fell in love with! Imagine snuggling up on a cold Winter’s evening wrapped in this, or going out to watch the Fireworks, being all cozy and warm. I remember last year getting some of their Cashmere socks and falling in love so fingers crossed their clothing will be just as fab!
I think everyone needs a super soft, chunky scarf for the Winter time and the one I came across at Zara fits the bill perfectly. Light-weight yet still thick and chunky, perfect! My scarf collection used to contain over 70 scarves until I had a recent cull, which kinda made me fall in love with scarves again, just in time for Winter! This Basic Scarf from Zara (doesn’t seem to have a name) is pretty plain, but to me, it just means you can wear it with anything  and get the most amount of wear out of it making it a total bargain!
Fat Face
And lastly on my Autumn wish list is this beautiful Gilet from Fat Face. I swear everyone needs one of these in their wardrobes! I guess at £72 it might be soon as pretty expensive for what is really half a jacket but to me, it’s so worth it. They are so useful to have around and each time I buy one, I get more and more use out of it. I chose this one because of it’s stunningly perfect Autumnal colours. I think it’s perfect for the Autumn but it’ll also be great for next year too. I love to feel cozy and warm in Winter but sometimes a full jacket is just too much. Something like this would be perfect! I look forward to wearing you soon mister Gilet!
So, that’s my 2016 Autumn wish list! I’m so excited to get shopping for Autumn/Winter accessories, my favourite time of the year! Happy Autumn everyone and happy shopping!

***Guest Post by Becky***

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