Smart Tips For Saving Money With A Baby!

Smart Tips for Saving Money with a Baby

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Babies, as they come, can turn a person’s life upside down but there’s nothing in the world like the feeling of holding your baby for the very first time. You feel this warm sense of responsibility, an urge to do anything to provide the best for your child but what you soon find out is everything that a baby needs can be little too expensive. Below are some of the money-saving techniques that I learned during the first year of my child in this world.

1- Avoid Buying Cheap Diapers

My first tip might sound a little bit unusual to you as you get to save at least £0.10 per diaper by going for the store brand instead of Pampers but when you add up the additional expenditure, you will understand my approach. We received a number of famous brand diapers at the baby shower including Huggies, Huggies Supreme, Luvs, and Pampers, that all helped us determine the cost per diaper. We carefully studied the efficiency of all diapers and came down with the following conclusion/experience, you can also get UK free samples at places like free stuff baby, if you want to try before you purchase.

Expensive ones: Didn’t leak, no defective pieces, and great with handling even the poopiest diapers without leaking.

Cheapest ones: 5% defective pieces (would tear down while struggling to put them on), 75% efficiency in holding in urine, and managed to decorate our clothes, carpets, and sheets with poop every 1 out of 3 times.

If you add up the extra costs for the carpet and cloth cleaning and the number of defective diapers we had to throw away, the expensive ones seem like a much cheaper and convenient option.


2- Go for the Breast Pump, if possible

If you have been successful with your ability to breastfeed your baby and plan on having more, then investing in a breast pump can be a really cost-effective idea even if the initial investment is high. Formula milk can cost up to £600 for six months and then there are other factors like far less nutritional value as compared to breast milk and your baby is more immune to illnesses because formula milk does not offer natural antibodies like breast milk does.

3- Homemade Baby Wipes

You have to spend quite a lot of money on baby wipes but they serve their purpose well when dealing with a dirty diaper. You can save a lot by making baby wipes yourself. You will need paper towels (Viva and Bounty can both do well), baby soap bottle, baby oil bottle, and a baking pan. Saw the roll of paper towels in the middle, with the help of a knife, along with the tube that is present in the middle. Afterwards take the baking pan and mix approx. two cups of warm water with almost two tablespoons of baby soap and soak in one-half of the towels in it. When the towels soak up the mixture a little bit then flip it and let it soak the rest. When it soaks clean the mixture, take out the “wipes” and put it in a wipe container. You can make wipes with the one-half of the paper towel and keep the other one for the next batch when needed.

4- Buy Bigger Shirts earlier instead of Bibs

You can go to a yard sale and buy some t-shirts that are a little large than your baby’s size. When it’s time for the meal, you can simply put on the larger t-shirt over your baby’s outfit, and you have a great bib. You can toss the shirt in with the normal clothes for a wash when it gets dirty. In a year or so your baby will also have a rough t-shirt to wear during the comparatively dirtier years.

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  1. Great post, I think with nappies you need to try them and see which work best for you. My friend preferred ones I didn’t like and since then i have had 3 mini ones so have tried a few brands.

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