Why It Is Dangerous To Use E-Cigarettes Around Children!



Why It Is Dangerous To Use E-Cigarettes Around Children


Is secondhand vapor from e-cigarettes harmful for kids.  In this article we will be covering everything that parents need to know about this very important subject.

No doubt you have heard a number of times by now all of the different reasons why you shouldn’t smoke normal tobacco cigarettes around children and babies.  However, given how popular e-cigarettes are becoming, does this apply to vaping as well?  If you vape, then you might be wondering if it is safe to do around your children at home.  But even if you don’t vape, you might encounter someone nearby who is smoking an e-cigarette and wonder if your child’s health could be affected.  The brief answer is: although more research does need to be conducted, second vapor coming from e-cigarettes is definitely not harmless.  The following is what you need to know in order to keep your children protected.

What Is Vaping And E-Cigarettes?

Whether they are called e-cigarettes – e-cigs, mechanical mods, personalized vaporizers, vape pens or cigalikes – all of them work the same way: Pressing a button or inhaling on a cartridge heats up the e-liquid.  It usually has a flavouring and, frequently, a varying amount of nicotine.  Then the e-cigarette releases a vapour.  That is why it is usually called vaping rather than smoking.

How Are E-Cigarettes Dangerous? 

There are hundreds of different e-cigarette brands along with thousands of various e-liquid flavors that are available.  It is only recent that the FDA has begun to regulate them.  This didn’t happen until May 2016, which is 10 years after they initially became available in the marketplace.  After the rules go into effect in the middle of August, you will need to be over 18 years old to buy e-cigarette products.  In addition, manufacturers will have to apply with the FDA to get permission for selling their products and will be required to provide a detailed list of each ingredient uses and how exactly it is made.

When using an e-cigarette it can still be hard to know precisely what you are ingesting since vaping products are still fairly new, so not a lot of research has been done yet in order to determine exactly what health risks are posed by these products.  How experts do definitely know that harmless water vapor is not what is emitted from e-cigs.  The liquids that e-cigarettes use tend to made up of nicotine, flavouring chemicals, glycerine and propylene glycol.  There has been some research done that shows that when the liquid gets heated up at a high voltage (the user is allowed on some vaping products to set the voltage so that it produces less or more vapor), that it forms other chemicals.  Some of these, such as formaldehyde, cause cancer.  The FDA recently published a review that showed that chemicals that are potentially harmful were found within e-cigarette aerosols, refill solutions and cartridges.

To make matters eve more complicated, the nicotine level listed on e-cigarette refill solution and cartridge labels may differ significantly compared to what is actually contained within the product.  So even when you believe you are using a nicotine-free cigarette, it is possible that your children and ou are getting exposed to a lot more nicotine than you believed.

The Risks Posed By Using Cigarettes When You Have Children At Home

If either you or your spouse smokes e-cigs at home with your children, you need to be aware of the fact that e-cigarettes pose some of the very same risks that regular tobacco cigarettes do, including the following:

Second exposure: So far there isn’t a lot of research that specially looks at how children are affected by secondhand exposure of nicotine from e-cigarettes.  No researcher is willing to place children in harm’s way for the sake of science.  However, there is a lot of data that shows that secondhand exposure to regular cigarettes and nicotine can harm children’s health.  Children who have been exposed to second smoke have a higher likelihood of getting sick more frequently with breathing problems, asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis, colds and ear infections.

Accidental ingestion: Accidental exposure from e-cigarettes being stored improperly is a danger that many parents tend to overlook.  In 2011, 271 exposure calls were received by poison control centers all over the country that were attributed to e-cigarettes and e liquid nicotine.  This number had increased to 2,890 by November 2015.  A study conducted in May 2016 found that e-cigarettes make up 14 percent of nicotine and tobacco-related calls for children under the age of 6 into the National Poison Data System.  That amounts to around 104 calls per month.  Also, children who have been exposed to e-cigarettes are 5.2 times more likely to get admitted into the hospital.  They are also 2.6 more likely to develop severe health problems compared to children who are exposed to regular tobacco cigarettes.

How To Protect Your Child From Secondhand Smoke And E-Cigarettes   

Although protecting your children from all exposure to e-cigarettes might be impossible, there are several steps that can be taken now that can help to protect your children’s health:

Find the help you need in order to quit:

If you do vape or smoke, one of the very best things you or your partner can do is quit permanently.  Were you hoping that e-cigarettes would help you? They have been no studies that prove that e-cigs help smokers quit using nicotine.  Some research, in fact, has show that e-cigarettes makes it significantly less likely for smokers to quit.

For many, there is no doubt that it can be very difficult to kick the nicotine habit.  However, it isn’t impossible.  Keep in mind: vaping and smoking not only expose your children to secondhand make, but it also increases the chances that your children will become smokers later on.

Safely store your smoking gear

If you or somebody else living in your house vapes, always keep your liquids and e-cigarettes locked up and safely out of reach of kids.  Make sure to follow the disposal instructions on the label.

Search for “no smoking” signs

Avoid facilities such as restaurants that have smoking sections or allow smoking.  Even if you and your kids sit in the “non-smoking” section, there is still secondhand smoke in the air.

Only use smoke-free childcare 

Select a nanny or babysitter who doesn’t smoke.  If for some reason that isn’t possible, ensure that your childcare provider does not smoke inside the car, around your child or in the car.

Tell your children to stay far away from smoke

For children who are old enough, be sure to tell them to avoid being around anybody smoking when they can.

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  1. omg, thanks for sharing this. I don’t have children but I vape, and I was wondering if that’s as healthy as we think it is…obviously it’s not…so I may see the GP to get advice x

  2. I hate this things – I was walking behind someone smoking one of these yesterday and got a face full of second hand smoke. They are as bad as smoking a cigarette in my opinion

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