Alternatives To Toys: Gifts Ideas For Children!

If your child already has a mountain of toys, or you’re sick of buying things that don’t get much use, you might be thinking about alternative gift ideas for the next special occasion. Maybe you’re buying for someone else’s child and don’t want to buy a repeat of what they already have. Or perhaps you’re just looking to do things a little differently. After all, there’s only so many toys a child needs, and chances are they already have a lot of them. Here are some alternative gifts you could consider. You could always treat them to a couple of small things as well, but by making their main gift something else, it means you won’t be drowning in a sea of new toys.



This is a great way to encourage kids to improve their skills, or give them the chance to try out something new. It could be horse riding, music lessons, kids cookery classes or something else. If they’ve mentioned that they would like to give something a go, or you know that there are activities they would enjoy then buying them classes could be a good way to go.


If you have a young sports or music fan in the family, tickets could be an excellent way to treat them on their birthday. Alternatively, you could buy membership tickets or annual passes for things the cinema or bowling. Then make attending these a regular event- whether it’s weekly, fortnightly or monthly. This gives them things to do in the upcoming months too without the need for new material things.


Clothing and Nightwear

Now that autumn and winter is approaching, most kids will probably be in need of new nightwear. Cosy pyjamas and slippers are something that are always going to be used, and if you go with extra comfy ones, they will be enjoyable to wear too. To make it more special, you could even consider things like personalised dressing gowns and nightwear. Everyone knows kids love having their name on things, so this is practical while still being something they will like and enjoy using. New clothes are also a good option since kids go through them so quickly. You could either pick things up yourself, or set a budget and take them shopping allowing them to help choose their own things.

A Day Out

If there’s a theme park, water park or other attraction that your child has been bugging you to go to then why not treat them for their birthday? It would be a fun filled way to spend their birthday (or a day at the weekend if their birthday falls on a school day). You could finish the day by letting them choose something from the gift shop and treating them to their favourite meal on the way home. It will keep them so busy they won’t miss having a mountain of toys to open. Plus it will teach them that great experiences are even more rewarding than material things.


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