A Must Have In Any Kitchen! 


Don’t assume the most expensive machines are the best. You might not need all the bells and whistles and we found some of the cheapest machines made the best white and wholemeal loaves.

When you’re buying a bread maker, check that it will produce the size of loaf right for you – some are much bigger than others. A lot of machines have paddles that stick in the loaf – while this doesn’t bother some people, others dislike the hole it leaves in the bread afterwards.

Think about whether you want a viewing window to check on your loaf while it is cooking. How fast is the machine at cooking bread? Do you want to experiment with flavours and add ingredients? Do you want to be able to make gluten-free bread? Do you need a delay function, which allows you to load up the machine with ingredients and then have the bread made hours later? Do you want it to have extra settings to do things such as knead pasta, make dough and even jam? Why don’t you check out the Bread Machine recipes from Panasonic, they have some great ingredients to kick start your recipes at home. 

Brands like this offers a huge range of breadmakers, but this is easily our favourite. In particular, they found the spelt bread came out perfectly, and the fruit and nut dispenser meant we could make all kinds of seeded and flavoured breads simply and quickly – it is even capable of making jam and compote. It is one of the quietest machines they have tested. However, there is no viewing window and paddle sticks quite often.

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21 thoughts on “A Must Have In Any Kitchen! 

  1. I loved the idea of a bread maker until I actually had one. It is so much more work than buying fresh from the shops!

  2. We have a breadmaker and I really like it for kneading the dough. I find I get a better consistency. Thanks for sharing!

  3. A bread maker is great for someone just getting started making bread. I have never used one but have talked to my friends who love theirs. I just make bread from scratch.

  4. I had a bread machine once and just as quickly in stopped working. Wow do I miss it. This Panasonic sounds like a nice replacement.

  5. I myself usually do not need all the bells and whistles. I always look for whats affordable and can get the job done.


  6. I used to love my mom’s fresh bread she’d make. I want one of these so bad to remake them.

  7. I’ve been thinking about getting myself one of these! I think it’s awesome to have and I really like the idea of making my own bread. I like that there are a lot of options for bread machines in the market these days.

  8. I would love a bread maker for christmas! It’s definitely on my must have kitchen items because there are just so many recipes I want to try.

  9. I haven’t made bread for ages but whenever we have we’ve always just made it from scratch! Never considered a bread maker but it’s seems a good idea 🙂

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