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Teaching Your Kids To Organize Their Closets!

Teaching your kids to organize their closet!

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What the kids learn at an early stage, it sticks – whether it’s the way to brush teeth, say hello to the elderly or keep things organized.

Having an organized closet is the first step to having an organized life; for a clear mind, keeping things in order is very important, so why not join utility and habit? Teach your kids to treat organizing as a fun, healthy thing to do and you’re good to go.

Since kids don’t really care for much other than their toys, crayons and hanging out with other kids, it does take plenty of energy to have them focused on anything. And as much as we’d love to say that a firm hand solves everything, it doesn’t really. It only makes them afraid, and that’s not what you want. This time around, you have to use their language to understand you, and here’s how:

Toss, Save and Donate

Remember the scene in Sex and the City 2, Movie 2 when Carrie goes through her closet, looking to dispose of some of the items and Charlotte brings along her daughter to join the fun? Well, do the same thing with your kids.

If you’ve got girls, turn disposing of unnecessary clothes into a fashion show. Put their favorite music on (no, nothing Fashion-chanel inspired, rather some Ringa Ringa Roses, Rain Rain Go Away, The Mulberry Bush – Nursery Rhyme your toddler generally enjoys) and have them strut around in their flower girl gown, their ballerina skirts and onesies. Go with stickers “TOSS”, “SAVE” and “DONATE” for the items your kid is showing. Later, when you are sorting stuff together, explain why donating the clothes they no longer need matters. Teaching them those values at an early age is crucial.

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Things that are visible

To avoid clutter, the best thing for an organized closet is having things on display; meaning, use open shelving and multiple clear stackable plastic totes and storage bins. You can also suggest color-coding of clothes to your little ones for a more fun and exciting organizing. In fact, make it a project – the better they sort the clothes by color, the bigger prize they get. If you want to teach them materials, sizes or any other aspect of clothes – you can do that, too.

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Also, labeling your storage space is a great idea, especially if you are keeping the boxes closed. Let your kids design and draw the labels and then stick them up on the boxes. The kids will feel special and proud of their project and the overall contribution.

For small spaces, using double hangers and the inside of doors for storage is perfect!

***This is a Guest Post from Zara Lewis***

24 thoughts on “Teaching Your Kids To Organize Their Closets!

  1. Such a great way to develop a habit to organize your clothes and avoid clutter in your wardrobe. I am definitely one of these women who struggling to get rid off her old clothes.

  2. This is definitely something we need to address. It’s crazy in their bedroom – and there are two of them in there! The clothes are so beautiful though….

  3. I need to get my daughter to let go of things. She saves thing years if I let her, lol she takes after me!! Things look a lot better organised like this, don’t they. I need to take a look at her room now. Wish me luck :):)

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