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The Rising Threat Of Poor Eye Health Among Children In The UK!

The Rising Threat of Poor Eye Health among Children in the UK


Suffering from poor vision is more than just having trouble seeing. In fact, it’s considered as a serious threat to everyone’s quality of life, especially among children. This, then, proves just how significant a regular eye test as part of the kids’ pediatric checkups is in ensuring that they have a good eye health.

Unfortunately, 25% of parents in the UK have never taken their children to any eye test. Further, 8% couldn’t even recall the last time their children had an eye exam.

Too much negligence of this simple eye test can lead to severe consequences such as poor learning and development considering that vision is critical in developing visually guided eye-hand-body coordination, fine motor skills, and visual perceptual abilities—all of which are necessary for reading and writing.

This can also affect a child’s performance with regards to recreational activities and sports that require good vision. Not to mention, this can hinder them from establishing a social circle and even affect them psychologically.

In the long run, suffering from poor vision can result in various health conditions due to undetected vision problems or other possible health concerns, which could have been prevented if the person had an eye exam.

Learn more about the growing poor vision problems among children in the UK and proper eye care tips through this infographic.

The Rising Threat of Poor Eye Health Among UK Children


Just like any health disorder, poor eye health is a serious condition that needs attention by people of different ages. However, children need it much more with regards to their growth and development given the statistics mentioned above.

As prevention is always better than cure, get your kids’ eyes tested as early as possible and give them proper treatments. This is a gentle reminder from Feel Good Contact Lenses, UK’s number one online contact lens store with a huge range of top branded contact lenses.


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18 thoughts on “The Rising Threat Of Poor Eye Health Among Children In The UK!

  1. I think it’s very important to get your childs eyes tested as early as possible. When they are little, you have more chances of correcting them then when they grow up. My sister has several surgeries when she was really small to correct and now her sight is almost normal.

  2. I completely agree with this! Both myself and my husband have poor sight, and both struggled at school because of it. Before I had glasses I didn’t even realise that there was anything wrong, I just thought this was how the world looked. With both of our kids having poor eye sight they have both been tested already, but being so young I’m very aware how quick things can change! Very well worded post!!

  3. It’s very important to get checked out as and when you need too! I used to wear glasses and suffer with a ‘lazy eye’ so I know how important it can be to get your eyes checked out!

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