Mum & Me “Shine Bright” Charm Bracelet -Review! 

Myself and Madison was lucky enough to be sent the Mum & Me (Shine Bright) Charm Bracelet from Kaya Jewellery.  My first thoughts was Wow, the Jewellery Boxes was absolutely stunning,  both boxes was polka doted boxes and had a gorgeous bow on top. When opening the boxes up I was lost for words how lovely they both looked. Here is a picture of them both below.

This is what I got with the two Bracelets, a couple of notes if you wanted to give to someone as a present. I had a lovely note from Sarah, that said wish you all the best with the blog. Lovely little gesture!

You can find the Mum & Daughter link Here

I got a bracelet that said (Mum) and Madison got one that said (Little Princess).  Madison’s 1st birthday is in a couple of weeks,  so I think we might just give her this early as this is a perfect gift for her and get her a few more gifts to unwrap on the day of her birthday.

My Beautiful Bracelet!

This is the first time that Madison has owned her own little jewellery. The picture above is showing you pointing at her bracelet, bless her. She love’s wearing it everyday, first of all she kept playing around with it but now she leaves it alone.

Kaya Jewellery offer Free delivery on all gifts, they are a Hand Made Company based in London.

They offer Occasions for:

New Baby




Holy Communion

Gift’s for BF’s

Gifts for Girlfriends

Jewellery Cards

Mothers Day

They also offer Jewellery for Children, Mum & Me, 3 Generations, Mum Jewellery & Giving Back.

Kaya Jewellery are on Facebook & Twitter if you would like to follow them.

I would definitely recommend Kaya Jewellery to anyone wanting to buy any Jewellery I.e for a birthday gift or just to show them you care etc. Myself and Madison love our Bracelets I’m sure you will too.

Disclaimer: Myself and Madison was sent a mum & me bracelet to review on my blog, all words and pictures are my own.

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