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Madison’s Teddy Bear Beanbag



Madison recently had the chance to try a Teddy Bear Beanbag from Bean Bag Planet. I have to say it’s not the easiest thing to set up, it took both me and Scott to try to keep the beans in a very small hole, we failed to keep all of it in, most of it went on the floor, took us quite a while to clear all of them up,  we managed to save most and filled the beanbag up. I think the bean bags should come with a funnel to save all the mess! The beanbag comes with two attachments, one you can use for your baby that comes with a harness and a plain one. You can start using this beanbag from birth up to 8 years old.  When your baby can sit up unaided, swap the attachments over without the baby harness and reduce the beans to a sit up position. Bean Bag Planet do a lot of different types of bean bags to suit all your needs, so everyone’s happy!


As you can see Scott is zipping the beanbag up for Madison, Have to say that both covers have a lovely soft feel to them, they have a waterproof  harnessed cover to both, very easy to clean.


Baby Bean Bag includes:

One hand washable, waterproof harnessed cover, for newborns.

One hand washable, waterproof harness free cover, for toddler up to 8 years old.

Waterproof, wipe clean White Teddy Bear’s Picnic bean bag base.

Removable internal filling bag, with double zipper protection.

2.5 cubic feet of fire-retardant polystyrene bean bag filling.

RRP is £34.99 for this product.


All Children must be supervised at all times whilst using this bean bag. Never leave unattended.

Do not lift or move the bean bag chair while your baby is on it.

Parents should make the switch to the toddler cover, once your child is able to move the chair on their own, or when it is no longer safe to strap your baby to the bean bag chair.


I think I may have to change the beanbag to the sit up position soon as she seems to long for it laying like that, pictured above. I think Justin is a bit jealous, he keeps asking to have ago on it.



Disclaimer: Madison was sent a beanbag from Bean Bag Planet to review, all opinions are our 100% own.

4 thoughts on “Madison’s Teddy Bear Beanbag

  1. Oh wow I have never seen these before but they do look like a lot of fun and comfy for little ones. Good to know you can have different positions and can also be used by toddlers

    Laura x

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