Dealing with the worse experience ever!


For a few month’s now we have had some major issues with our flat, i.e having a new kitchen put in due to wires being exposed in a few places outside the walls where either Justin or Madison could easily touch and could electrocute themselves. We have been in touch with Riversmead since last October when we had another company come round to design the kitchen we are going to have, all theses month’s  have gone now and STILL we are waiting, it’s not on! We also have a mould problem in Justin’s room that really needs sorting, we have had the surveyor round many times, he writes things down on his pad and then you don’t hear nothing back about it. Justin’s room is freezing all the time, we have asked for the radiator to be moved under the window, guess what we are still waiting for that to be done too.

I don’t know how many times we have phoned up their customers services, it’s like we are going round in circles every time we phone up. The service we are receiving is just terrible, we have even asked the customer service team to email the highest manager there is at Riversmead to contact us, and still nothing!  apparently he’s always in a meeting when we ask to speak to him, also this other guy who’s dealing with the kitchen etc he never answers his mobile when the customer service try to phone him to get in contact with us. Why have a mobile phone if you don’t answer phone calls! They will be quick to contact you though for their rent!

Think we will have to take this problem further, what do you all think? Have any of you had this experience with any housing association companies before? What was done to deal with this situation?

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27 thoughts on “Dealing with the worse experience ever!

  1. That is horrendous service! i hope you get it sorted out soon. do take it further as its about the safely of your children

  2. Whenever the safety and health of children becomes a concern, then I could see why parents would raise hell and brimstone. I would never experience what you are going through and can only hope all will be sorted out soon.

  3. Oh that sounds so awful, sorry you have to deal with such unprofessional people ! I never had to deal with , but still I feel for you and your family

  4. It’s hard to be adult and care and stress about everything and anything. It was really unprofessional from their side. Good luck with all of this.

  5. When my kids are involved then I am a lot harsher on things that involve their safety. I have never had experience with this situation but I hope you can get it sorted out quickly. Sorry!

  6. That might be so awful ! I never had a problem like that before. Maybe you should change and work with another company o something cause it’s not only about you but the kids are involved ! Electrocute themselves ? They should really do their job . You have all the right to be mad !
    Hope they fix this as soon as possible !

  7. Housing associations are the worst in my opinion! Fees are normally outrageous and just not worth it. Just my experience. Sorry you’re dealing with that!


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