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Madison’s New Rainforest Jumperoo


As Madison is over 4 months old now, we thought it was a good idea to buy her something she will enjoy, so we brought her a Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo, Scott put all of it together, we couldn’t believe how big it was, trying to move it in-between rooms was hard so we had to unattach it. Once it was all fixed up we could see she was really enjoying it. The Jumperoo comes with quite a few activities /melodies to keep her mind busy.


As you can see from the picture above she is really enjoying being in the Jumperoo. This product will also help her with hand eye coordination and will definitely be good for her leg muscles as she strengthen them while jumping up and down. This Jumperoo was priced at £79.99 From Argos Do you think that it’s to overpriced? We had to buy our own batteries as it never came with any, the musical bit takes 3 x AA batteries.


The straps to the Jumperoo goes up another two notches so we can adjust it as she grows. The weight limit on this Jumperoo is up to 11kg, not sure if all theses sort of products are the same.

This Product Features:

Bobbling elephant, monkey, spinning lizard and more animals.

Toys are all within easy reach for baby.

Seat that rotates 360 degrees.

Jumping rewarded with lights, sounds and music.

2 interchangeable and adjustable leaves with hanging soft toys.

Height adjustable to 3 positions.

Foldable for compact storage.

Suitable for use from when baby can sit unaided, it says 11kg so that’s got to be 25lbs.



Well that is all for now, will do another post with what Father Christmas got them for Christmas!

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4 thoughts on “Madison’s New Rainforest Jumperoo

  1. That is so cute, I never had anything like this for my two boys, they would have loved it. I think its definitely worth the price considering how much time and fun they would have in it.

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