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We kindly got to review The Platter Company’s Christmas range thanks to the lovely Tony. We have reviewed from this company before, they always do a best job in pleasing their customers and doing great food. The platter we got to sample consist of:

Turkey, stuffing and cranberry

Brie and cranberry

2 x Minced Pie

2 x Minced Brandy Pie




Which Platters to choose for your Celebration?


To order your food simply take a look at our platter selection and select a number of sandwich and wrap platters, as these platters are our most popular, look great and never seem to be left at the end of the party!

Usually our customers choose about 80-90% normal sandwich and wrap platters and around 10-20% vegetarian.  For those with a sweeter taste how about including some cake or fruit platters.

Prices for platters start at £11. They suggest a budget of £6 a head for a buffet. Simply estimate how many people are in your party and order the number of platters accordingly.

When planning a Xmas or New Years party it can sometimes seem daunting.  Here are some handy tips you might find useful.

Here are some useful dates:


3 to 4 weeks ahead:

Is it a Christmas or New Years party and do you want a theme?

Create the guest list and work out how people will eat their food will they be seated or eating whilst standing and chatting

Send out your invitations at this point it is a popular time of year and so people need enough notice.

3 to 5 days ahead:

If you are having the party at home it is a good time to start cleaning it is surprising how long this can take and it is a good time to work out how much seating etc you need.

3 days ahead but as far ahead as you want:

Have a look through the platter company’s menu and select your party food. Their platters are designed to make life easier so you simply order your food, and let them deliver it to you on the day and time you specify!  What could be easier tasty party food, beautifully presented and with the minimum of fuss.

 1 day ahead:

Organise your beverages and check if you have all the decorations you need.

Day of party:

Do you have enough ice and is the fridge stocked?

Take a last look through the house, take a deep breath, and remember to enjoy the festivities!

We’ll be there in our refrigerated van with your food. All you need to do is simply place the platters on the table and you are ready to party!

So if you are having a xmas or even a new years eve party, give the Platter company a try, you wont be disappointed!

Disclaimer: We got to review the platter company’s christmas platter, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

6 thoughts on “Christmas Platter

  1. I’ve been busy organising a Christmas party for the office and been looking for a venue, but number of attendees keeps ballooning from day to day. The platters have made me reconsider – I think I’ll bring the party to the office instead! Thanks for the review!

  2. I love these platters especially going into the holiday season! The checklist is fantastic! Definitely one I am saving so hopefully one day I don’t wait until the last minute! We’ll see if that every happens! 🙂

  3. This platter looks yummy! I love the idea of ordering a platter for a party, a lot less stress. The tips you give about what you can do in preparation for the party a couple of days out are also great.

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