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My Babyologist Application

I am excited to announce that Madison and I have been selected to the first stage of the process to become a fully fledged Babyologist. If successful our product reviews and thoughts will be shared on the Toy Box blog and you lucky lot will get to see them here on the mariesbeauties blog too.

As usual be Tweeting, Facebooking and Instagramming our progress so keep in touch for more exciting news and reviews, and hopefully you will soon be seeing our first Babyologist product review so on with stage one.


I have been asked to provide two reviews of products that Madison uses on a daily basis, this is the first one (pictured above). It is a Chicco Polly Swing, it has four different rocking speed settings on it, it comes with a detachable sound and light melody module which plays different sounds and lights up with different colours, it can also be used in her cot at night helping her to sleep her favourite sound being the tweeting birds.


This is the second product she has just started using, it is a mamasandpapas bumbo seat we brought it from Argos at the weekend. It’s designed to help her sit up for herself and to strengthen her neck muscles so she can support her head it also comes with a detachable tray which she can use for finger food or playing with toys. This is recommended for ages from 3 to 12 months.


This is another picture showing her in it with the tray on to show you what it looks like.

So that’s all for now, here’s to the next stage of being an official Babyologist.


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