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J & M Update


It’s been a while since I have written about Justin and Madison so I thought I’d write an update post on them. As you all know Madison was born on the 15-7-15 weighing a whopping 9lb 8oz, yes a big baby again. She is now 15 weeks old (nearly 4 months old wow) and weigh’s 14lb 5oz so she is doing really well for her age the health visitor said. Madison is now loving her cot as she has outgrown her Moses basket, so both myself and Scott thought that it would be much better for her.

This will be Madison’s 1st Christmas this year so im quite looking forward to her joining in with the fun, enjoying opening presents. I know she won’t be able to do it herself yet as she will be only getting on for 6 months old then, but her face expression’s will say it all. I am not very sure yet on what to get her though, maybe just clothes and a few books for her to look at to help her with her learning. What are you buying your little ones for Christmas this year?

Justin has now started Nursery fulltime and he is really enjoying it, he goes every afternoon, starts at 12:30pm and finishes at 3:30pm so it gives me a bit of time to clear up at home before he comes home and messes it up again. He had his first parents evening last night in his new school, just to let you all know he is progressing very well, made new friends, he says his best friend is (Ethan). We are still having trouble with the Potty Training, he hasn’t quite got their yet. In the Mornings before school he likes watching Paw Patrol & Blaze on Nick Junior and Ben & Holly’s little kingdom. Does any of your kids like to watch theses programs every morning? Justin still likes Thomas the tank engine but think he now prefers the ones I have mentioned above, so I think I will have to help him write a letter to Father Christmas explaining how good he has been and to see if he gets the toys he wants.

So that is all for now, will update you all again really soon.

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