The Power of Dettol Power & Pure Advance Bathroom Spray!


I was kindly sent a bottle of Dettol Power and pure Advance Bathroom, i am so in love with Dettol products i think there much better than any other brands from supermarkets. What is everyone elses view on this product?

There are over one million cases of food poisoning a year in the UK and it is commonly assumed that most incidents arise from eating out at restaurants. However, you are just as likely to pick up food poisoning in your own home and with research finding that the average chopping board carries 200% more faecal bacteria than the average toilet seat, it is no real surprise that our kitchens are hotspots for foodborne illnesses.

As well as chopping boards, the dishcloth is another item in our kitchen that can spread harmful germs. With just 40% of Brits correctly recognising that dishcloths can harbour high levels of bacteria, research has identified that nine out of ten UK dishcloths are ‘heavily contaminated’ with bacteria and six out of ten contain harmful E. coli.

Home Hygiene Expert Dr Lisa Ackerley comments In our home-hygiene studies we have found that the cloth is often the dirtiest item in the home. We have found billions of bacteria on cloths, including those which could cause illness, and those that indicate faecal contamination. So using a kitchen cloth could mean that, instead of cleaning, you are just spreading bacteria.

Powerful cleaning and disinfection, without harsh chemical residues!


Dettol Power & Pure Advance Bathroom Spray is ideal for tackling tough bathroom cleaning. Its Active Oxygen ingredient powers through stains and breaks down to just water and oxygen so there’s no need to rinse afterwards. As well as being tough on dirt, it kills 99.9% of bacteria such as E.Coli and influenza virus.

Usage & Product Info

Kills 99.9% of bacteria.

No harsh chemical residue.

Powerful cleaning.

Leaves a sparkling surface and pleasant fragrance.


Turn nozzle to ‘ON’ position.

Keep bottle upright, spray from 20- 25 cm away.

Leave to work for up to 5 minutes and then simply wipe clean.

Always test on an inconspicuous area before use.

Suitable for:

Sink & tiles, 

Sealed wooden surfaces, 

Bath and tops, 

Toilet seats, 

Shower screens, 

Glass surfaces, 

Children toys,




Not suitable for use on marble, brass, copper, unwaxed vinyl or unfinished wood.

Disclaimer: I was sent a bottle of Dettol power and pure Advance Bathroom to review, all thoughts and opinions and my 100% own.


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