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Harry Potter Tour at Warner Bros Studio!


Myself and my Sister Jodie Hemmett was kindly invited to go to The Making Of Harry Potter @ The Warner Bros Studio Tour at Leavesden Studios.  The reason for this visit was to view a preview of their upcoming summer exhibit ‘Sweets and Treats’  included in the main tour.  We were asked to arrive there at least half an hour early before the tour began which was okay because it gave us time to have a look around in places such as the official shop, or maybe have a cheeky Starbucks, unfortunately we didn’t have any 🙁  Maybe next time.

At 5pm, we was able to start lining up for the beginning of the tour, with a little taster of the tour as you was lining up, they had the Harry’s famous ‘room under the stairs’  which according to information I read, was the smallest set they used on the Harry Potter movies.  Soon after lining up, we was led into a black room with four screens on each side for people to view from both sides.  One of the guides gave us some brief information into what the tour will include and what we will see.  After that brief stop, we were led into a room which looked like a cinema screen.  We watched a small clip on the mini screen which soon disappeared to show the door to the beginning of the tour.

This is a replica of the cake which Dobby used to drop on Dudley’s head.
A couple of the ladies making some of the cakes they used for the film.


The door opens to the Great Hall, which all Harry Potter fans know that it is one of the main features in the films.  The size of the hall was staggering, with so many things to look at.  We were met by servers giving all the bloggers a variety of refreshments, such as orange juice that I had, or cranberry juice that my sister had.  This is also where they gave you the preview of the ‘Sweets and Treats’ exhibition.  They had people showing you how they made the cakes and to also show you the difference between the real cakes and the fake cakes.  It was quite shocking because neither myself or my sister was able to determine the difference between the two of them if you look from a distance.  A little bit later on, they served small appetizers such as fish and chips and burgers and for dessert we had a variety to choose from like jelly and also ‘Butterbeer’ Ice cream which was absolutely yummy!  To tell you the truth, I think quite a lot of people, us included’ was starting to get a little restless being kept in the great hall for so long, because we just wanted to walk around at our leisure, and there’s only so much you can see in the great hall.

Here I am in Dumbledores office..
Jodie in Dumbledores office too..
This is the outcome of the green screen experience!

When we was eventually let out of the Great Hall to continue the tour, we was in awe in how many things they actually was to see in one place.  They had sets like the Gryffindor Common Room and also Dumbledores Office just to name a few to look at.  It was absolutely amazing to see all of it in the flesh, especially if you’re a massive Harry Potter fan, like my sister Jodie is.  This was the same place where they gave you an opportunity to experience how the green screen usually worked and how the actors dealt with acting with the green screen.  Jodie and I went tried it out and it was a very fun experience, I recommend it for anyone thinking of going on the tour.  I won’t tell you all what you can see, I will leave that for you to see for yourself if you ever think about going, otherwise it will spoil the surprise!

The next part of the tour is one of the newest attractions, which is the Hogwarts Express.  It was the real one that was used in the films which makes it even more special.  You also had the opportunity to get your picture taken going through the wall, which in the movies would transport you from Kings Cross to platform 9 3/4 in a few seconds which we took advantage of.  We also had a look in the carriages of the train which if you notice, in each carriage there is always something different to depict each film as you go along.  They also had a shop which you could buy anything from chocolate to wands.

The amazing Hogwarts Express
Here we go!!


There was so much more to tell you, but I will leave it here so I don’t tell you all what happens as it would ruin the experience, but what I will say was that it was an amazing experience which both myself and my sister thoroughly enjoyed.  If we were given another chance to, we would jump at the chance to return.  Maybe next time, I can take Justin and little Madison next time.

Disclaimer: I was sent a Complimentary Family Ticket to review The Harry Potter Tour, all thoughts and opinions are my 100% own.

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