Got something special to share with you all.

I have been keeping a secret from you all but it is a good secret and I am now pleased to be able to tell you all that I am 16 weeks pregnant. We are very happy and excited to be welcoming our second child in July, a little brother or sister for Justin.

I was feeling really ill at the start of this pregnancy, I was suffering really badly with morning sickness, I was unable to keep any food down most days, but I am now feeling much better.

We can’t wait to find out the sex of our baby. Our beautiful son Justin is going to be a big brother and he is very excited.

My pregnancy this time round feels completely different as when I was pregnant with Justin I suffered with morning sickness all through and this time it has stopped.

Justin goes to preschool three days a week for three hours so I manage to get a bit of rest on these days as I have been feeling really tired and my energy levels have been really low, resting where I can is really helping.  Justin will hopefully be going for an extra day at preschool very soon so I will be able to get some extra rest.

I have not been blogging for a while due to feeling so rough but I do hope to get back into it very soon and I hope to keep you updated with the babies sex as soon as we know.



I have my 20 week scan booked for the 13th of February, Friday the 13th of all days.. Spose it’s lucky for some people.

Update to be added soon… Keep you all posted.

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