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I was contacted by email a few weeks ago by Mywallstickers.co.uk to review one of their gorgeous wall stickers, I had a look on their website and I was really impressed by the range of choices you had on their categories from Animals, Fun, Fantasy, Quotes, Children, Nursery, Film & TV, Banksy, Kitchen, Sports, Personalized, Tile Stickers, Etched Glass Vinyl, Christmas, Car Stickers, Butterfliesand a couple of others. I decided I would like something from the Quotes wall sticker Categories as I thought it would look good on our back wall of our living room as it’s a bare wall at the moment after painting it.
This particular sticker I chose was only available in the larger size of 75 cm Tall x 150 cm wide priced at £29.99 and I chose it in black as it would match my magnolia walls.
The wall sticker arrived really quickly in a solid cardboard tube with a square plastic applicator attached to the tube and full application instructions on a leaflet. I got my Husband Scott to put it up for me as he loves doing the D.I.Y around the flat. 


The First thing he did was lay the entire mural on a flat surface and he gave both sides a good rub with the applicator to get all the creases out of it then he positioned the wall art on to the wall i wanted it and secured it across the middle using masking tape, so u can use your hands for other things saves holding it.
Next you need to separate the white backing from the top half of the mural whilst ensuring it is still attached to the front of the mural, make sure u take your time on it, keep applying the applicator whilst peeling it away from the front. Once you have separated the white backing paper cut it off, then hold the top layer at a 45 degree angle and use the applicator to smooth the mural onto the wall. You now need to repeat the previous process to removed the white backing paper on the bottom of the mural, give the mural another smoothing over with the applicator and slowly peel back the top layer. Again make sure u really take your time with it and if you notice the mural sticking give it another rub over.

It took my Husband Scott about 5-10 minutes to peel the top layer off, but he did it in the end, and the finish result looks fantastic, he had to cut round the butterflies to put them in place where they go but it looks stylish on our magnolia walls, it really stands out.



As Christmas is just round the corner, if you fancy getting one of theses for a family member or even a friend, you can do so by clicking their website Here
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Disclaimer: I was kindly sent a Wall Sticker to review, all thought’s and opinions are our own.

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