Justin’s 1st Halloween Costumes

This coming week is Halloween week 20th-24th at Orchard House Preschool as it is half term next week,  Justin was asked to find something to dress up in for the two days he was at school, so we went out shopping on Saturday to tescos to try and find a couple of costumes for Justin to wear and this is what we got. He looks so cute in both of them, can’t believe how much he has grown, i got him a size 3-4 and hes not even 3 years old yet. Both outfits will definitely keep him warm through this cold week as they both have a lovely fluffy texture to them.


 This is an all in one spider costume, Justin loves spiders just like mister skinny legs the spider in his favourite cartoon peppa pig  programs, so he pointed out this one.  

He also chose this one, an all in one skeleton outfit with a mask that sticks to the hood of the Outfit with velcro. Their was lots of outfits to choose from but he preferred this one for some reason, i think he just likes the mask..



I managed to get justin smiling in his spider outfit.


When We picked him up from school he was wearing a Halloween hat with his name on it that he made at school, he didn’t want to take it off he thought he was a wizard lol.



Thanks for reading!!

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