#Yog Artist by Fage

I had the opportunity to review the #Yog artist by Fage, when me and Justin opened it we were both surprised what was inside the box, we got a lovely lunchbox with 2  jam jars inside and a apron that says i am an artist on it for Justin to wear, also inside the box was 2 x 4 lots of different items, which were:  

 Dried Apricots
 Dried Cranberries
Chocolate Curls

The box also has two lots of stickers in it,  where u could make an artist creation using the stickers instead of the yogurts. The two jars you get in the lunchbox have to labels on which you and a friend can write their name on, and do your own design in your own jar.

#Yog Artist Sprinkles to make your creation of your choice.

I also got a lovely note from the lovely Holly with vouchers to get the following: 

1 x of Total Greek Yogurt – 500g 

1 x Total Greek Yogurt 0% – 500g

4 x Fage Fruyo Yogurts – Strawberry – 170g

They did other flavours of the fruyo yogurts but we only liked strawberry yogurts. 
These are the Yogurt’s i got from the vouchers which were sent to me.

The reason i only took 3 pictures of the fruyo yogurt was because when he saw them he wanted one, he was really enjoying it, the fruyo yogurt was like having a mousse with bits of fresh strawberry’s at the bottom of the pot, we have never tried any yogurt like this and will carry on buying theses now as we are hooked to them now.
Justin’s Creation

This is Justin’s artist creation with the help from me i spreaded the Total Greek Yogurt over the plate, followed by his creation which u can see above and this is what he came up with.

If u fancy getting any of theses yogurts or would like to know where to buy them you can do so by clicking the Fage site here

Disclaimer: I was sent the #Yog Artist by Fage for me and Justin to review, all thoughts and opinions are our own.