Skulduggery Pleasant- The Dying of the Light


I was given this book, Skulduggery Pleasant: The dying of the light by the author Derek Landy to read.  I did a little research into the book beforehand and reviews from the likes of Goodreads and Amazon was pretty positive. I also found out that its the ninth in a series of books, whether its the last in the series I’m not too sure.   Being it quite a ways into a series does make it a little difficult to get into the book, but I thought I’d ride it out and see what its like regardless of the previous books. 

The Book is just over 600 pages long, which is a pretty good length for a novel.  You can tell that the book is mainly for boys/teens, although I’m sure that girls and people of all ages can read this too.  I found it quite easy to get into the book right from the get go.  I know its a part of a series, but you could probably read this as a standalone book.  The only hints that you get that this is a part of a series, is that it does regularly refer to previous events from the past books.  This did annoy me a little as I would’ve liked to have been given the chance to read the first book, rather than the last book as it would’ve given me another book series to read, but never mind.

The book revolves around the main character, Skulduggery Pleasant, [who with a little hint of his name], is a person with only a skeleton for a body.  I’m not too sure whether I was a fan of his, but then again I haven’t read from the beginning so I couldn’t really sympathise with this character, he seemed a little arrogant and not very nice at times.  Although im sure that that’s what his character is meant to be like.  The book is carried from many different characters viewpoint, which to be honest isn’t the best reading experience for me, as I’m more of a one character story rather than a story from many characters viewpoints.  But enough with the criticism…

The book itself, is a very good read.  There were points in the book where I was thinking to myself, what happened to make them this way? etc. and it doesn’t really explain it, which is one reason why I would like the read the books from the very beginning.  Another reason is that the genre of the book, which you can say is a ‘horror’ is my type of genre to read.  I have always been interested in horror books like the likes of Stephen King, although Stephen King is in a different league altogether.  The story drew me in, and if I had the time, would read the book again.  I can tell why there were so many 5* reviews.  It enticed me to keep on reading, regardless of it being later on in the series.  If someone was to ask me “would you read the books from the beginning of the series?”  then the answer would be a definite YES! 

If you’re interested in reading this book, or any others in the series and would like to have a look on their website, then you can do so by clicking HERE.

Disclaimer: I had the chance to review Skulduggery Pleasant: The Dying of the Light.  All thoughts and opinions are our own.