Silk Bedding Direct

A few days ago I had the chance to review a gorgeous Cot Summer duvet for Justin to try out from Silk Bedding Direct. 

Just from looking at the way the bedding is presented in the picture above, you can tell that the company that were generous enough to let me review their product is very professional and dedicated to their goals.  For example, they are very passionate on trying to tackle Asthma and from every duvet sold through Silk Bedding Direct, 10% of the proceeds go to Asthma UK!  5 million people have Asthma in the UK, which is a huge number and they need all the help they can get to stop that number from rising.  Asthma was very common in my family, as I had it as well as my brother and sister although we were fortunate to have regular checks and eventually grew out of it.  However, not everybody is like that unfortunately.

To try this out would be the least I could do, and to especially stop my son from developing Asthma like I did.  The Cot summer Duvet that Justin tried out is approximately £75 and to be perfectly honest, it would be worth the investment.  The bedding fit Justin’s cot perfectly and with no hassle.  Also, it is made from a mulberry silk which has a really lovely feel to it, and it would also give my husband and I some piece of mind that we know that when our son sleeps with this, it not only keeps him healthy, but also gives him a good nights sleep as well.

Going back to the silk, the silk is specially hand made, which in turn, makes this a better duvet to use than some duvets sold in department stores.  Making them by hand stops the silk from crushing therefore, giving you better insulation while you sleep.  I cant say for sure whether it works as I was given a duvet for my son to use in his cot, but with the many great reviews from their website which I will link below, I’m sure that what they say is true. 

Overall, I believe that this product should be used nationally.  As I said before, it is a worthy investment and the money will be used for a good cause.  For myself, I will regularly use this duvet for my son and if I was to see this in stores, I would surely buy one.

If you are interested and want to know more about the product I reviewed and other duvets, and also about the partnership with Asthma UK, then please click HERE.

Disclaimer: I got to review the Cot Summer Duvet from Silk Bedding Direct, all thoughts and opinions are our own.