Naanster- Curry on the go!!

I had the opportunity to review two lots of each naan which are pictured below.  It consists of Chicken Tikka, Beef Madras, Balti Chicken and Vegetable Tikka. I have never in my life tried anything like this, they were so yummy, the taste of them made me want more and more, however unfortunately we was only given a few. 

 2 x Chicken Tikka
2 x Beef Madras


2 x Balti Chicken
 2 x Vegetable Tikka
I was able to go down my parents house and shared them with them.  They thought they was a very good product and would buy in stores if they could find them. 
The Pro’s:
  • They do actually taste like a curry.
  • They are different from what you can get in supermarkets e.g supermarket burgers like rustlers is not made from proper products, where as the naansters is a product which does what it says on the tin.
  • The time being only 90 seconds is brilliant.  Getting curry on the go. You can’t get any better than that!
The Con’s:
  • Needs to have more sauce, as the rice inside is sort of dry.
  • Needs more chicken as you get very few
  • Lastly, the naan needs to be filled completely, as I want to taste the flavour of what is said on the packaging, and not have my first bite be bland.
Apart from these cons, the naansters are a brilliant product and you can buy them in either 3 places listed below.
The Naansters can be brought in Morrisons, Tesco or Spar.
For further information please visit their Facebook page, which is www.facebook.com/naansteruk.
Disclaimer: I had the opportunity to review the naansters-curry on the go, all thought and opinions are my own.