Justin’s Muddy Puddle Cupcakes


 Me and Justin was out shopping the other day, he saw the Peppa Pig Muddle Puddle Mix, when i went to walk away from it he was moaning his head off so i brought it so the other day me and Justin (with the added help of my sister Jodie) decided to make 12 Peppa Pig cupcakes.  We assisted Justin with the whisking etc but the majority of the time, the grown ups did most of the work. 

  I  finished off whisking for Justin…

Mixed it till it was smooth



The ingredients we used was as follows:

1 egg

4 tbs (45g) of water 

Cake Mix

First of all we put the 12 cupcake cases on the baking tray, then we mixed the egg and mix together followed by 4 Tbs of water then i mixed it all together , it took about 2 minutes to go creamy smooth.

I then divided the mixture between 12 cupcakes, then cooked them for about 15mins on gas mark 4. (160c fan)  Make sure it cools right down before adding the icing.

Heres the finished result without the icing on.


Muddy Puddle Icing

5 ml of water 

Chocolate icing mix

Put the icing in the mixing bowl and add the 1 teaspoon of 5ml of water, then make sure you mix it carefully until its thick and spreadable, add a few more drops of water if you need to.

Then just add the edible toppers of Peppa Pig then your done, and they are ready to eat.

They were so yummy, will be making so more soon.


Thanks for reading!