Justin Starting @ Orchard House Pre-School

Justin went to his induction today, we had to be their for 11:10am, I think i was nervous for him bless him. We chatting to his key worker for about 10 minutes, she went through everything with me then i had a chance to look around and take some pictures before we left.  He is starting PreSchool next Monday the 8th of September, he was very clingy to me, i hope he isn’t going to be like that when i leave him on Monday. I can’t believe it my baby boy is actually starting school. I wont know what to do with myself, i am to use to him being around. He is doing the Monday & Wednesday afternoon sessions every week 1pm-4pm. 
He can do more sessions if he gets used to it.

Front of the building

Orchard House history

Orchard House started off it’s life as Ware Pre-School in the late 1960’s. At that time it ran from the Ware Town Football Club which was situated next to the buryfields.

They moved to their new premises in August 1995, and changed their name to Orchard House Pre-School.

The building is owned by East Herts District Council, but is solely used by the pre-school.

The building has been adapted to create a child friendly environment, and is secure and safe both indoors and outdoors. The premises are furnished with child sized furniture, inclusive of low level storage units for independent access.

They have a quiet room which is their carpeted area used for book corner, the computer, and where the staff work closely with their children on a more one-to-one basis.

Our main room consists of Home Corner, a variety of table-top resources, messy area, sand play, water play, and many different types of construction resources.

They also are very lucky in that they have a very well equipped outdoor play area, which is safe and secure for the children to play in the fresh air.

Main Activity Room

Main Activity Room 2

Home Corner

Quiet Room

Book Corner 


Computer and Printer Corner


Garden / Play Area


Their Daily Routine:

Orchard House provide an educational programme for all children in our curriculum planning.

9:15:  Children are welcomed into the school and are marked into the register.

9:30: Register time and weather chart.


                          9:45: Small group time. Children work with their key worker.
9:55: Free play, computer and craft activities etc.

10:50: Tidy up time. Children are encouraged to pack away toys, and then wash their hands before snack time.

      11:00: Children are divided into 2 groups for outdoor play and music ‘n’ movement.
 12:00: Story time, song time, show ‘n’ tell.

12:15: Home time.

This is also repeated in the afternoons.

Disclaimer: This is a post about Justin starting Pre-School which i wanted to share with you.