CaseApp Phone Case

I thought to myself the other day it was about time i changed my phone case, i didn’t think i would get an email from CaseApp asking me to review one of their phone cases,  i was very pleased and  i kindly accepted their offer. The delivery itself took a couple of days to get here but when it did i was so happy with the outcome. The phone case i got was me swimming with Dolphins, that was one of my lifetime dreams and i got to do it.  The Phone case itself came in a hard CaseApp box so it didn’t get damaged in the delivery to me.

The box comes with a nice message which says:




CaseApp Cases:



Samsung Galaxy
CaseApp Skins:  
Mac Book
The Phone devices CaseApp accept are:
Iphone 4/4S, 5/5C/5S & 6, they don’t do anything for the 6 plus  Iphones as yet.
Ipad 2-3-4
Ipad Mini
Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/S5
*How to make your lovely phone case*
First of all click on you phone device i have mentioned above then u have a choice if you want to use your own image or you can use one of their designs cases, its up to you.  You also have a choice if you want to make it into a collage,  insert your own text, background or do your own Clip Art. You have a choice of finish you want, either Matte or Glossy, then you save it to cart and go to the checkout, the Phone case is priced at £19, i think that’s a good price for this case as they make it to perfection.


*How to make your lovely Skin*
Just the same as above, choose your device etc, add the picture of your choice or use CaseApp’s design, Collage, Backgrounds and Clip Art, then go to checkout, the CaseApp Skins cost varies depends what you want the skin for eg the phone skins cost £12, if you wanted it for the laptop/ipad mini for example you would have to pay £22.
CaseApp also offer a gift card if you are thinking of getting a loved one or friend one of theses for their birthday or as its Christmas coming up soon, one of theses would make a perfect gift.
If you would like to purchase either the case or the skin you can do so by clicking their website link Here
Disclaimer: I was sent a CaseApp Iphone 5S Case for me to review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.