Prince Justin


I was given the chance to review a print for Justin’s room from chatterboxwalls, when i received it i wasn’t impressed as it wasn’t a proper print, it was like cardboard, i didn’t really like the choice of themes on Chatterboxwalls apart from the one i chose above. I think that the prints should be done on laminated paper as i think it would look much better in and out a frame. I really liked what was on the print as i haven’t got nothing with Justin’s birth time and date on. I brought a frame from Amazon for it to go in, I’m yet to put it up on his wall in his room though. This is what it looks like in a frame.


I am currently doing up Justin’s room again as before was to dark. It was a royal dark blue colour before, now what we thought would look better was magnolia up the top and light blue at the bottom with Thomas the tank engine border round the middle, it looks really nice now, especially with the laminate flooring done aswell. Justin loves his new room, hes always wanted a Thomas theme room, now he has it. I’m really pleased that he plays with his toys in his room now,and doesn’t take them every where in the flat, which i am very glad about. Here’s what Justin’s room looks like now, see pics below.



All of his toys everywhere as usual.

His Lovely finished border of Thomas!
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Disclaimer: I was sent a print for me to review from chatterboxwalls, all thought and opinions are my own.