Peppa Pig Library

Justin had a surprise yesterday in the post, he got 6 x Peppa pig stories books from his nanny Sue. The books came from The Works, they do some really nice books for kids and they are really cheap to. He loves Peppa Pig along with his most favourite Thomas the tank engine. Peppa pig’s programs keep him quiet for a long time when they are on, he watches them round my mum n dads as they have sky, i haven’t got sky or anything like that with kids programs on so he loves it when he goes round there.

He has also got a 6 x Fireman Sam story books, 2 x ABC Books and The Cars Storybook, i am doing theses as single posts, don’t want to overload a post with all 5 books.

The 6 Peppa pig Books are:






Justin has seen all 6 of theses on TV, his favourite is Peppa’s Family as he says Daddy pig is my dad (his Grandad.) So any Program’s or book’s with daddy pig in.

All 6 Books are a size of a mug coaster, they all fit nicely into the peppa pig library story box to keep them safe. All the books are supposed to encourage them to start reading to themselves.