Great Day Out @ Southend

We decided to take Justin to southend yesterday as it was a nice day, my Mother & Father in law was down there for a 4 day holiday as it was the bank holiday weekend. The bad things were trying to park for nearly an hour, in the end we had to park up in a multistory car park up in the town it took us nearly 30 minutes to walk to the seafront. It was mega busy yesterday, never seen it like that before. I think people must of watched the weather forecast and said lets go on Sunday as its going to rain on the bank holiday Monday.

When we finally got to the beach, (well if you can call it one.) We met up with my mother & father in law, and Justin’s Cousin Freddie and Freddie’s parents on the beach, straight away they sat down together and played together, Justin’s nanny and grandad brought him a ball with a buck and spade in so both were making sandcastles and kicking the ball. Scott even took Justin for a paddle in the sea, he loved it. I didn’t like the pebbles they was really hurting my feet as i was wearing sandals. We all moved down a bit as there was a little bit of sand nearer to the sea. Who thought of putting pebbles down, what happened to the proper sand.


After that we went into Adventure island so the both Justin and Freddie could go on a few rides together. We couldn’t believe how much they were charging for a wristband band, for kids it was  Â£15 and if you wanted an adult one it was £25, so we just brought 5 individual tickets so they could just have 5 rides together. Justin also found his favourite, Thomas the tank engine, he absolutely adores him, when we moved on to other things he was moaning his head off, Scott had to try an distract Justin he said Thomas was up the top of this slide, So he went up with him and he stopped moaning afterwards.


We took a couple of video’s of them having a great time.


This is them on the train, with Freddie’s daddy Glen and Justin was with Scott, it only went round about 5 times and that’s it.

This other one was from the arcade


He really loved it, after that he went one a couple more after that and his nanny won him a couple of teddy bears, had something to eat with them and then we had to go as it took over an hour to get back home. Overall we had a great day in the end, and looking forward to going back soon.