1st Ever Time

We was invited round to my mother and father in laws for a BBQ yesterday as it was my brother in laws 41st Birthday, we all had a lovely day, we was grateful that the weather had held out for us all, Justin especially as he got to see his Cousin Freddie for the 1st time in two and a half years, they both loved Thomas the tank engine so both of them was playing with Justin’s toys what he brought to play with from home. 

Because we missed a couple of Freddie’s birthday we got him a Thomas the tank engine bag, to catch up on his birthday’s. Scott and his brother wasn’t talking at the time (Long Story) they both made up yesterday, so all is good now. When Justin and his cousin Freddie saw each other they both cuddled each other, which i thought was so sweet, gave each other a kiss to. It’s like there best friends already, i couldn’t believe it. Freddie had a Thomas  Bike so they both took it in turns playing on that plus both of them played on the trampoline holding hands etc. It brought tears to my eyes as i could see he was really happy playing with his 1st ever cousin.

This is a pic of both of them with my brother in laws girlfriend Diana. Christian the Birthday Boy took pics of them play out the garden together, he’s yet to send them over to me.


As you can see above they
Are both loving a lollipop together. Justin can’t wait to see him cousin again now. Freddie is a bit older than Justin, about 2-3 weeks, but it looked like Justin was older than him, maybe its because Justin was taller than Freddie etc, i don’t know.

Think we are planning to go visit the in wellingborough when they have moved in and sorted them selves out. There staying at Scott’s parents until the middle of September, because the house is not ready to be moved into yet.