Wasgij? Destiny Puzzle

I was chosen to review this lovely adult Brain teaser puzzle, was really surprised it was the Only Fools And Horses Puzzle, we all was really pleased to receive this one as we are big fans of Only Fools and Horses, we have the whole DVD box set. The box contains two bags of 500 pieces of puzzles, this will take me forever to do, but it will keep me and my son Justin busy.

Our good friends Del Boy and Rodney are enjoying a few cocktails and drinks down their local pub, The Nag’s Head, and imaging what things will be like ‘this time next year…’ if they to ever make that million that they’ve always been dreaming of. So what do you think this scene will look like if Del Boy and Rodney happen to ‘come into’ that money they’ve always wanted? That is the image of the ‘solution’ jigsaw puzzle you have to piece together! Remember – this is a 2 x 1000 piece Wasgij set where you can piece together the image shown above AND the ‘solution’ image.


This is my Downloaded image of only fools and horses from Wasgij, you can download yours too if you go to there website by clicking here

If you fancy a challenge why don’t you take on there online puzzles and see how long it takes you. 

Here are all of the Wallpapers you can download from wasgij’s Website:

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If you would like to have a look at the website for yourself, you can by clicking the link here

Disclaimer: I was sent the Wasgij? Destiny Puzzle to review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.