Selection of Pick & Mix Stationary

I had the opportunity to review a Pick & Mix selection of stationary from Viking, the Parcels came in two half’s, one was a big box and the other was just like a big packet. Both got delivered by UPS as a 1-2 delivery schedule. I think Justin will love theses when he starts proper school, well not the chocolates as they will be gone by then as theres only crunchies left.

The Selection stationary i got was:

Blue binder, good for all your paperwork.

Playground Chalk, this will be good for Justin when he starts proper school.

A Selection of Cadbury’s Favourites which consist of: Chomp, Buttons, Dairy milk caramel, and a crunchie.
The Buttons was Justin’s favourite he just kept asking for more and more, i let him have one every other day.

 A Selection of different colour pens, all good for Justin again when he starts school. They come in a selection of different colours.

32 GB Memory Stick, great if you want to store files on your PC or Laptop. Excellent if you want to store loads of storage.

These Colour Pencils are fantastic, you don’t just get 12 pencils you get 24 as you can use different colours on each ends, what a brilliant idea! I have never seen that before.

These colour labels can be used on a filing cabinet to divide different things.

Overall i was sent 7 things from viking, all there products are made from good quality.

If you would like the chance to order from viking you can do so by clicking the link Here

Disclaimer: I was sent the Pick & Mix for me to review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.