My Birthday / Wedding Anniversary

This is a carry on from the previous post I did, well the day came and I woke up with a massive smile from my baby boy, he gave me a big kiss.. Made my day just him doing that. Every one was sing happy Birthday to you to me. Was a brilliant day overall, i didn’t go out just stayed in as the day after was my dads 58th Birthday and he had a BBQ so it was sort of a joint little family party.

Here’s what I got for the magical day:

I got 11 cards for both my Birthday/Anniversary.

Flowers from my friend Michelle Cayford.

A tickled Tiger Helium Balloon.

£55 in money from my family.

Clothes from my mum n dad.

Clothes from my Sister.

A lovely plant from my Brother for my Anniversary.

A lovely big bunch of white Roses for me from my husband for our wedding anniversary.

What surprised me the most was the beautiful cake which was done for me, was truly shocked, and tasted delicious, the cake was light and fluffy to eat. Made with lemon butter cream, the icing on top was even nice to eat.

This is what my beautiful cake looked like:

If anyone Fancy’s having a cake done by her let me know and I’ll give you her details, Hertfordshire area only!

Thanks for reading!