Matalan School Uniform

I was recently asked if i could review a selection of Matalan School Uniform from the
Back to School Range. 

Justin looked really excited to review his first school uniform, especially from Matalan as they are made from good quality, and are reasonably priced. He is starting pre school in September, they can wear uniform or there own clothes, i think he will be much smarter in school uniform than his own clothes and i think he will enjoy wearing them.

They are all made from 100% Cotton, and will be ok in a 60c to 90c wash when dirty. The quality of the fabric feels really nice. The shirt and jumper is just the right fit as well as the shorts but the black trousers are a bit long in the leg, dragging a bit, and the socks are a tiny bit big on the ankle bit but that does’nt really show.

The Selection of Matalan Items he got to review was:

2 Pack of White Shirts – Size 2-3 yrs – £4.00 
Black Trousers – Size 2-3 yrs £5.00
Grey Shorts – Size 2-3 yrs – £4.50
2 Jumpers, Black/Blue – Size 2-3 yrs – £5.00 each
A pack of 5 grey ribbed Socks – Size 9/12 – £3.50

all of the above equals to £27.00

If you would like any of the above items click the links below:

Justin looks really cute in his first little uniform, he cant wait to wear them 
again soon. 
Justin would like to say thank you to Matalan for letting him review the school uniform.
Overall we are both pleased with the uniforms and will now carry on using Matalan’s clothing.

Disclosure: Me and Justin was selected to review the Matalan School Uniform, all thoughts and opinions are my own.