Lee T-Shirts / Wendel Granddad Top

Scott my husband had the chance to review a Grey Twin pack of LEE Crew Neck T-Shirts in a size Large. The T-Shirts itself feels really nice to touch on and off, he said that they are a nice fit, in his words (They fit perfect).
He was also sent a Wendel Granddad- Ecru waffle Top from UnderUnderwear.com also in a size large, think its from the nightwear range, to keep you warm at night, another name for long johns. The price of this top is £65.00, it is worth it as it would keep you warm on colds nights.
The LEE Neck T-Shirts are the sort of thin T-Shirts you wear on holiday, that doesn’t make you sweat. The retail price of theses are £30.00 each for a pack of two, that’s £15 per t-shirt,  i think that’s a reasonable price for a named brand.

He only tried on one of the grey LEE T-shirts as they are both the same in the packet.  You can see for yourself from the pictures above they both look great on him,  just the right fit. He is now thinking of buying more of theses t-shirts from the company i reviewed from.


Lee T Shirt 2 Pack

T-shirt pack by Lee

Made from cotton jersey.

Soft touch jersey fabric.

Crew neck.

Regular fit.

Pack of two.





Founded in 1889 by Henry David Lee, Lee are a denim brand that utilise their rich history to make jeans and work wear inspired clothing with an authentic edge.
Lee has enjoyed a close relationship with the American worker and has provided innovative products for over a century. 

Known for their signature “lazy S” back pocket, Lee today specialise in a full range of clothing that includes their iconic jeans.

Shirt from UnderUnderwear description

Wendel Granddad- Ecru waffle Top

Made from a premium cotton/polyester mix ecru waffle and cotton chambray, the woven collar, placket and shoulder tape give added durability to the garment and help retain its form.
The corozo nut buttons add a sense of refinement not normally associated with underwear and the cork badge above the waist hem adds the signature attention to detail.

If you would like to purchase anything from the two companies i reviewed from, you can do so by clicking their links below.
LEE T-Shirts

Wendel Granddad- Ecru Waffle Top

Disclaimer: Scott was sent these two items from two different companies, all thoughts and opinions are my own.