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Guest Post By Ottilie

Hi I’m Ottilie, I have a beauty blog called Urban Beautie where I post mainly beauty but also some more lifestyle and cooking posts. I have kindly been given an opportunity to do a guest post for this blog and would love it if you could also check my blog out as well.
Todays post is going to be a super quick and easy makeup look perfect for any mums who need to cover any signs of tiredness without taking ages. So starting off with your face I thought that a BB Cream would be perfect because they are super quick to use and you can apply it with your fingers. They are super light and will just even out your complextion and brighten up your face. My favourite is Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream. To cover any blemishs which you may have as well as to cover any dark circles and brighten under your eyes I would recommend the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer which is so amazing at covering any dark circles and my everyday go to concealer. To finish your face and set all of this in place so it doesn’t budge throughout the day you need to use a powder Natural Collection Pressed Powder is perfect for this and so affordable.
For your eyebrows something really quick and easy is to use a brow gel, the one I have in the picture is one from Bobbi Brown but Benefit do one and a slightly affordable is this one for Maybelline. This is really easy to just brush through your brows, add a bit more colour and set them into place.
Moving onto eyes, this part is optional but to add a bit of colour to your lids Maybelline Color Tattoo is Eternal Pink is perfect for this, a lovely natural colour which you can apply with your fingers. Along your lash line you could smudge some eyeliner, I chose the Body Shop Carbon Eye Definer in Brown because its less harsh than black and you could also use this to line your waterline if your wanted. To complete this look a quick brush of mascara will the bring the whole thing together Maybelline The Falsies is my personal favourite but there are loads of great mascaras.
You could also add a bit of bronzer to warm up your face, I would recommend the Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer.
I hope you liked this post, please check out my blog Urban Beautie as well as telling me what you thought in the comments.
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