Family Time

                                                                Family Love!!!!

Hi all, i would like to introduce you to my family, Scott, my brother, Charlotte (my brother’s fiancee and my sister Jodie at the back and me my mum and my dad and my gorgeous son Justin at the front.

Every weekend  we make time to go and see them one lives in Cheshunt Hertfordshire who is my parents and the other one lives in London who’s is Scott’s parents. 


Grandad Geoff with Justin when he was 11mths old.

                      Nanny Sue with Justin.

Justin is always really pleased to see both  his grandparents, that’s how Family life suppose to be.


    Justin is now 2yrs 2mths old, i can’t believe how quick time goes.

This is my sister Jodie, shes 21 years old, there is 10 years difference between me and her. Me, my brother and my sister  are very close, She used to sleep round alot but now she has a job, she finds it hard to come round as she cant drive yet. Jodie absolutely adores Justin, she to cant wait to to see him, as she loves him to bits

This is my brother Tony he is 29yrs old, he is with his fiancee Charlotte who is nearly 21yrs old. Justin has a soft spot for her but also loves his uncle to.

We recently celebrated Justin’s birthday and he had a Thomas the tank engine cake as he loves him so much as you can see from the picture above, it came with a toy Thomas so he could play with it after we ate all the cake. That cake served 50 Kids pieces which is alot. Think it was worth the money though.