Double Celebrations This Saturday in our House

My wedding!

This Saturday we will be having Double Celebrations in this house, one being my 32nd Birthday and two its our 11th Wedding Anniversary, so it will be cards and gifts time. We both decided to get married on my 21st birthday 11 years ago on the 26th of July.

I have always wanted to get married on my Birthday itself, and my wish came true.

It was one of the happiest days of my life, especially having a double celebration every year. I can still remember my wedding like it was 

yesterday, was a lovely day.


My Dress was Ivory with a Burgundy theme to it, i absolutely adored my wedding dress, i had one Bridesmaid and that was my sister, she wore a Burgundy dress to match my theme of dress. I really cant believe 11 years have gone already. Here’s to many more years to come.

                                      My Birthday!!                                                         



This was my 30th Birthday Party 2 years ago, had loads of people come to my party as you can see behind that was only a few people all the rest was eith out the garden or in my mum and dads living room, i enjoyed it very much, was a good night.  I was surprised by this gorgeous Tiger cake. The cake it self was really huge… well worth the money my mum and dad paid for it. 

I absolutely adore Tigers, so they got me a Tiger Theme Cake for me. There was enough for 30 people and a little bit more. I am hoping to get a cake for my birthday this Saturday and i will do another blog about my Birthday/Anniversary on the day itself.

Thanks for reading!