A Selection of Catfood and Treats from Harringtons

Sooty, Chloe and patch was lucky enough to review a Selection of Cat food and Treats from Harrington’s.
They got 2 bags of  2kg of Harrington’s Rich in Salmon and Rice Meals and 2 Bags of treats, one was Chicken, the other was Tuna. When i went to give the treats to Sooty and Patch they nearly had my hand off with them, they love them so much they just want more and more. Chloe wasn’t really fussed only when i threw her some, she is a timid cat so wont go to anyone.

This is Patch, he is also my second baby after Justin of course, He is so friendly!


Sooty’s photo always makes me laugh, couldn’t believe i got him doing this, he is also friendly!
i caught him doing this when i was taking the picture.Look at sooty tongue, made me laugh so much that 


All three of them always like sharing there dinner, gave them a bowl of salmon and rice, they couldn’t get enough of it. They have eaten the whole bowl.

Harringtons dont just do catfood, they do a range of dog food and treats and also do a range of small animal food to.

 Harringtons is not only available within the UK but is now available in France.
Harrington’s are keen to work with other bloggers and if any of you (based in France or the UK) would like to review there food on your own blogs, Harringtons would love to hear from you. All you would have to do is send in an email and mention that I have sent you.
If you would like to see what Harringtons do you can do so by clicking there French link Here. 
If your in the UK you can find there link Here.
Disclaimer: I was sent a goodie box of Catfood and treats for me to review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.