The Monkey Wellbeing Storybooks & Activity Pack

I had the Opportunity to Review The Monkey Wellbeing Storybooks and Activity Pack. When i opened the parcel up Justin my son was really surprised to see them, I think any kid would love the chance to read and play with this lovely pack i got a chance to review. I think the 3 books are brilliant, it teaches them all about the NHS and what they do, i think it will help him with his key skills as hes growing up through life.

The pack consist of:

Monkey Has a blood Test Book.

Monkey Has an operation Book.
Monkey’s Guide to Healthy Living and NHS Services.
2 Small stickers.
2 A4 size stickers.
Monkey Visits the Emergency Department Activity Pack.

As you can see by the look of my sons face he was really pleased he has something to read and learn about.

He’s definitely taking it all in bless him. He loves his books, and them books are a good way to learn about the NHS and what they do.

If you fancy purchasing an activity pack and story books. The link to the website can be found here

Disclosure: I got to review the monkey wellbeing activity pack and storybooks, all thoughts and opinions are my own.