Regaining Your Self Confidence After Pregnancy – Sponsored Post

(Regaining Your Self Confidence After Pregnancy)

After transporting another human around in their stomach for around nine months, there’s really no surprise that the majority of new mothers are unhappy with their appearance and particularly their post-pregnancy weight.

Feeling like the size of a whale and having other people tell you, “wow you’re huge, you must be nearly ready to pop”, when you’re only half way through your pregnancy really doesn’t help either.

The fact that the women in the media are tiny, toned and don’t have a stretch mark in sight also makes it difficult for women who are trying to deal with a completely new shape and body image. Culturally, pregnancy is a difficult one. Women are encouraged to have children and extend families but the importance of the way we look is also drilled into us. This obviously makes finding the balance difficult when you’re trying to maintain your figure whilst sustaining another life.

The way women feel about their bodies nowadays is ultimately down to whether or not they can fit into the same jeans today as they were wearing yesterday. Because people, particularly women and especially when they’re pregnant, are so hung up on the way that they look, it’s easy to forget to enjoy your pregnancy and make the most of the idyllic glow that goes together with a pregnant female.

Understandably, the constant body changes that happen during pregnancy are hard to deal with but a lot of the time it’s the after-pregnancy body which causes the most problems. In the couple of weeks that follow the birth of a child, a female’s body will start to shrink once again. However, it’s rare for a woman’s body to return exactly to its pre-pregnancy state. If you’re one of the lucky few women who is back into their favourite jeans just a few weeks after pregnancy then you’ll be the envy of most new mums out there.

Focus on the positives

After the birth of your child, rather than constantly focussing on the things that you don’t like about your body, start focussing on the positives. Just because the size and shape of your stomach, thighs and breasts has changed doesn’t mean that everything else has too. If, before you were pregnant you loved your eyes or your smile, then focus on those elements too because they’ll be just as beautiful as before.

Realistic goals 

Too many new mums set unrealistic weight loss goals in a bit to fit back into their favourite pair of skinny jeans, and when they don’t reach them they feel even worse about themselves than they had done previously. This kind of thinking and stressing isn’t healthy for you or your new baby. If you’re incessant on losing your baby weight quickly then it’s important to set yourself realistic goals and to celebrate even the smallest of victories.


Finally, if you’re not one of the lucky few whose bodies have bounced back within the first few weeks of giving birth, then it’s important to accept the fact that you might never look the way that you did before, but that’s okay. Drastic change is never easy for anyone to deal with and although you could lose all of the excess weight, your shape might never be the same as it was before.

Although this might be something that you find difficult to deal with at first, remember that change is completely up to you and when you’re happy with your body it’s up to you to decide when the changing should end.


If you’ve tried everything and nothing has worked then surgery is an option. However, you need to be sure that it’s what you want. Choosing a reputable surgeon, like those at Cosmetic Surgery Partners , and taking the time to discuss your issues and ideal outcome with your surgeon will help to ensure you’re happy with your results.

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