Razor Red Knife Sharpener

I had the opportunity to review a Razor Red knife Sharpener from Amazon, I was sent a 100% Discount code to my email to order it from Amazon, it came with free delivery and said 3-5 working days on the delivery but i got it on the 3rd day so i thought the delivery was fairly quick. It is only 6cm in Diameter and 6cm in height so easy to store anywhere. The Knife Sharpener is not just for normal knives, it also sharpens theses:

Sharpen Kitchen Knives Quickly, Serrated and Even Scissor Sharpening and Garden Tools. Sharpen any Kitchen knife, Scissors, Bread, Pruning Shears, Hedge Shears – even Blender Blades! Long Lasting Tough Tungsten Carbide Steel. 


Sharpens hardened steel knives, even serrated (bread and hunting) knives.
Eco-friendly product that makes your knives perfectly usable again.
Tiny and Portable that makes knife sharpening process practically effortless – Great for seniors!
Removes only microscopic amounts of metal.
Long Lasting tungsten carbide technology.

Bonus: Get the The Professional Chefs Report and Discover How To: 

Buy the right knife to cut anything quickly.
How to protect your knives to last – Hint: almost everybody breaks this rule.
Prevent spread of food poisoning from your kitchen knives.
How to Cut Food Safely – every time.
How to make sure your knives stay sharp and how sharpening really works.

Risk Free Lifetime Guarantee!

If you would like to purchase one of these Knife Sharpeners, you can do so by clicking the link Here

The cost for one of these sharpeners is £10.05 which i thought was a brilliant price for something like this, because it does what it says on the packet. Definately 5 star all the way!!

Disclaimer: I was sent a 100% discount code to purchase one from amazon to review it, all thoughts and opinions are my own.