E-Cloth Cleaning Set

I had the opportunity to review 8 cleaning cloth’s from E-Cloth all with just water to clean them with.
I think they are brilliant, and they do what they say on the packet. All 8 are a great value and i think will last the 300 washes definately.

These are the 8 cloth’s i got in the packet, which were:



         1 x Kitchen Cloth

Fantastic on counter tops, stove tops, stainless steel & glass. Use the durable and highly absorbent Kitchen Cloth, with its gentle scouring pocket, to effortlessly lift, trap and remove all stubborn stains, grease and bacteria from kitchen surfaces and appliances. 


        2 x Glass & Polishing Cloth

Our most versatile cloth, the Glass & Polishing Cloth’s specialty fiber construction and weave increase the speed at which moisture is absorbed, to remove grease and finger marks from windscreens, windows, mirrors and chrome, leaving them completely streak-free.

            Bathroom Cloth

The Bathroom Cloth’s longer and thicker fibers give it exceptional cleaning power and high absorbency to clean wet areas around sinks, baths and showers. Use regularly to prevent the build-up of limescale. 


                 Window Cloth

The Window Cloth’s highly absorbent fiber structure expands when wet, enabling even the toughest dirt to be effortlessly lifted, trapped and removed from windows and their frames and sills, whether inside or out.



  •                                    Duster cloth

The ability of these dusting cloths to attract and hold dust will surprise you. Their dusters are made with special e-cloth fibers. Their unique natural positive charge attracts and locks in dust, making dusting much faster and easier than conventional dusters. Dusting will be over in no time.


          1 x Stainless Steel Cloth

Designed for all types of stainless Steel, the versatile Stainless Steel Cloth easily removes grease, finger marks and bacteria from stainless steel, using just water. The scrubbing stripes on one side of the cloth are highly effective on brushed stainless steel. The other side has a smooth absorbent texture for polished stainless steel.

           1 x Range & Stovetop Cloth

E-cloth’s Range & Stovetop Cloth tackles grease and heavy cleaning with just water. 
Use the Range & Stovetop Cloth’s fabric side’s power to rapidly lift and remove thick grease, grime and bacteria. Use its other side’s toughened non-scratch strips to tackle most stuck-on stains. 

The pack that was sent to me cost $39.99 that is £23.85 in our money which i think is 
a good price for what you are getting.

Disclaimer: I was sent these’s cloth from E-Cloth for exchange for a review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.