Our Recent Move

We have recently moved from Hoddesdon to Ware as we needed the extra bedroom for Justin, we did a swap with this other couple through home swappers, it was really easy to do a swap as long you was up to date with your rent etc. It took a maximum of about 3-4weeks for them to sort it out.

We viewed theirs and they viewed ours, we couldn’t really see the really bad bits as it was the evening time and There light wasn’t that good. Lets just say we left our flat in a palace for them compared to what they have left us, OMG i could believe the state of the place, they said they was going to put a new door on in the lounge, that didn’t get done.

Here’s a picture or 2 of the state they left it in and they are only the minor bits.

Theses two pictures below show both skirting boards missing.

When we got there, the second day we pulled all the lino up in the hallway as you can see on the picture. It took us ages to do. Think it has been down there since the dark ages!

It wasn’t just the hallway we had to do,  lounge, kitchen, bathroom and the two rooms had to be done.

We have managed to paint Justin’s room but haven’t managed to do his flooring as yet.

This is a picture of what we did to the hallway after this picture, as you can see its 10 times better.

We have managed to decorate the hallway, i am really pleased how it has turned out.

I could sit here all night showing you loads of pics but don’t want to bore you all.

Overall it is getting done slowly, i think it will take another 3 month’s to sort all of it out, but we are getting there.

Any way i hope you liked reading my post.