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I was lucky enough to have been sent £80 worth of vouchers in the post from Brit mums to be a morrisonsmum for the bank holiday challenge.
I applied to do this challenge a week previous and didn’t think I would be accepted.
I was over the moon when I got them, I don’t really shop in Morrison’s that much because I thought that they were dearer than asda, how wrong was I lol.
We set off to Morrison’s on Friday 2nd of May along with the vouchers and shopping list I had. We couldn’t wait to get there as we were excited to look out for all the bargains scattered about in the store.
My nearest Morrison’s to me is Hoddesdon, it’s only been open a little while. when we got there I managed to get a parent and child parking spot right out side the entrance, which I was really pleased about. When we got in there the store looked really empty, probably being an evening time. All around the store had yellow markers saying I’m cheaper.
Overall we spent £93.51, we spent £13.51 over the price, our fault really as we got carried away with the price cuts. The multisave we saved was £7.42 which I was really pleased about. I was also pleased to get 6p off  fuel voucher when you spend over £40 or more in store.
Our weekly shop normally doesn’t come near to the price we spent in Morrison’s, we normally spend around the £45 mark for a week so that shopping we got for the three of us should last us a whole month.
Overall I have to say I was overly impressed about all theses price cuts and I think I’ll have to say goodbye too Tesco’s and Asda and even Sainsbury’s.
My favourite store by far has got to be Morrison’s!!
Disclaimer: I was sent vouchers to enable to shop at Morrison’s and experience their price changes. All thoughts and opinions are my own.