Justin and our 3 Cats

Let me introduce you too my 3 cats, Sooty who is 8 years old, chloe 6 years old and patch who is 3 & 1/2 years old.

This is Sooty, he has just woken up!

Both of them likes too sleep together.

This is Sooty and Chloe together, they are lovers.

Patch our beautiful baby boy!!

As well as justin, patch is my second baby, he is one of chloe’s litters, we couldn’t give him up he was so cute and cuddly.

Justin absolutely Adores theses 3, Sooty and Patch let him touch them but Chloe’s the more timid one and always runs away from him, even tho he does try lol.

Justin with Patch and sooty and chloe right out the back lol, shes a loner..

Sooty and Chloe go out but we keep patch in as when we did let him out twice we found him up the tree and the RSPCA and Fire brigade wouldn’t do any thing as it was a Ferrel tree, so we had too call the Tree Surgeon to get him down and we had too pay him £100 for 10 mins work…. So from that day he has never been out. we give him more love and attention for him being in doors now.

There favourite food is either Felix or Whiskers, and they prefer that too dry food…

There favourite snack is Dreamy’s, when i give them to them they try and rip my hand off.

Patch is a bit like a dog lol, he likes to play fetch, when i throw him his special toy he brings it back to me, and i treat him by giving him a special biscuit that he loves.

I think Justin loves patch the best as he always ask after him when we are out and i have too say we will see him very soon. bless him…

Justin and patch together, patch just lays there and lets justin stroke him and cuddle him, there best friends forever!!