Nano B Antibacterial Toothbrushes

I was recently sent 4 antibacterial Nano B toothbrushes for me to review..

They are made with gold and silver Bristles, I have 3 silver ones and a gold one.

This is what they do for your teeth.

Self Sterilizing Bristles:
The Gold and Silver Bristles are made with 99.9% Gold and  Silver Bamboo Charcoal impregnated bristles to inhabit bacteria growth.

Double Layered Bristle Structure:
Long inter dental ultra-slim bristles clean deeper in between teeth and gums.

Scientifically Rounded Tips:
Reduce gum inflammation and bleeding, suitable for sensitive gums.

All are supposed to remove any plaque you got off your teeth.

I suffer with plaque on my teeth so these’s toothbrushes will certainly help me and any other person who suffers with it.

I think theses toothbrush are excellent, i use one too brush my teeth everyday and you can certainly see the difference. my plaque what i had on my teeth is gone now, i am very pleased with theses toothbrushes and certainly will be getting more once i have finished theses four.

One Nano Toothbrush is £7.99 with free delivery.
A twin pack is only £11.99 with free delivery, i think that is a great deal.
If you would like a family pack With free delivery and it is only £27.99
Or if you would like the Nano B pack of 10 (best value) thats only £50.00 and comes with free delivery too.

If you would like to take a look at there website, it is:

Disclaimer: I was sent 4 Antibacterial toothbrushes for me to review all thoughts and opinions are my own.